Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Is Critical Thinking Class?

What are critical thinking class strategies that the tutor can use to impart critical thinking skills on the students? They include;
  •          Questions And Tests

The ability to effectively question an issue is the fundamental basis of critical thinking. What is critical thinking class tutor should create is an atmosphere that arouses students’ curiosity and intellectual inquisitiveness. This can take the form of integration of questions in the class work. 
In the case of questions during class, the tutor asks questions aimed at encouraging the students to think more of the issue been discussed. The first step is to ask higher-level questions on the present discussion. Secondly, graduate to questions that will encourage the
students to seek a different approach to the answer. This help the students use what is critical thinking skills to internalize the topic under discussion by learning different ways to approach its elements.
The questions can also take the form of impromptu quizzes during the class work. As the students get used to this, they will develop ways of internalizing the class content, in addition to paying keen attention. As the students become used to these questions, you will find that the queries will be the main driving point of the class work, with wide application of what is critical thinking skills.                       Guidelines to writing an exceptional critical analysis here.
  •          Critical Thinking

 A normal reading session will usually involve subsequent interpretation of the content in order to understand the underlying point that has been put across. Different students draw different interpretation from the same content. To start this off, the tutor presents a case study, with no conclusion included. The students separately voice their first hand interpretation. Students will learn to appreciate different opinions, and therefore divert from personal bias. This cultivates what is critical thinking class culture where the student is able to self criticize an element vital in successful critical thinking.
  •          Modeled Expectations

While appreciating the diversity of opinions, what is critical thinking class tutor should set an allowable limit. Students will often draw wild conclusions from a simple case study. While the interpretation may be correct, sometimes it is irrelevant to the topic under study. With this in mind, the tutor, through presentations of similar case studies and the allowable interpretations, can over time train the students on the way to critically think an issue out. With repeated guidance and relevant examples, the students will naturally get the drift and adopt what is critical thinking skills.
  •          Effective Teaching Tools and Methods

There are other ways that tutors can teach what is critical thinking skills to students. One is the Socratic Discussion method. The students query each other on a particular topic with the tutor as the mere observer. Through this method, the students gain a greater clarity of the issue at hand by formulating questions, answers and thoroughly evaluating the responses. Other what is critical thinking class methods include essays, debates and speeches.

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