Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Is Critical Thinking?

What is critical thinking
Critical thinking involves sorting out through problems at hand and developing problem structure separation skills. This involves separation of the available facts from personal opinions, to make an inference devoid of personal opinion or bias. This form of thinking has many benefits.
What Is Critical Thinking Benefit?
A critical thinker is often calm, regardless of the weight of the situation at hand. They will know the right decision to make. This saves one from been scammed, conned and making bad decisions. Through carefully sorting and evaluation of every aspect of a situation, a critical thinker can step his away around attempts at been ripped off. Those who lack this skill often fall to such tricks, since they are predisposed to taking every aspect at face value.
When gauging what is the importance of critical thinking, it is important to note that a critical thinker can weigh the whole situation, reason out the purpose of its existence, deduce the expected outcome based on justifiable evidence, and then use this information to arrive at a logical conclusion. Since the conclusions are made without factoring personal opinion, it is then easy to avoid attempts at taking advantage of personal weaknesses and cravings.
What is the importance of critical thinking to time management? 
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Critical thinking can help one save on time. Through considering all the options before taking an action, the fastest method can be selected, which saves on valuable time. This is very effective particularly in urgent decisions; the need to work smarter unearths shortcuts, easier ways of solving problems and in matters of importance can save lives.
What is the importance of critical thinking in the workplace? Critical thinking is by itself a form of employment qualification. High echelon jobs require making of decisions, mostly under duress, on vital matters. The decisions are usually required at short time notice; therefore what is critical thinking comes in handy. For those on whose decisions lie vast amounts of resources, money or people, critical thinking comes as a very huge plus. In recent times, interviewers have integrated critical thinking ability as a huge employment point. Possession of critical thinking skills makes one very employable as the employers value this trait.
What is the importance of critical thinking to the general public? Critical thinking equips one with the skills to differentiate between a rational thought and a personal opinion or bias. By avoiding emotions, a person can be able to rationally think out an issue. This is particularly important on decisions that involve other people like the public e.g. nurses, firemen, doctors, surgeons etc.
People will often call on what is a critical thinking expert to offer a different opinion on an issue at hand. Been the voices of reason, mass hysteria is easy to avoid. They are often contracted to critically resolve problems, by considering options that others are blind to due to strong emotions and personal bias. 

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