Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Is Meant By Critical Thinking?

What is meant by critical thinking? Critical thinking, is the ability to conceptualize, analyze and evaluate information towards presentation of a belief, is a fundamental skill in solving skills. Since it hinges on the ability to transgress personal opinion and bias towards a conclusion, discipline and the ability to think outside the box is vital. The following principles govern the process of useful critical thinking.
A person should be able to willingly criticize themselves in order to make critical thoughts. There are several reasons what is creative thinking is criticized. They include;
  •          Failure to notice vital consequences
  •          Lack of important information vital to the issue at hand
  •          presence of unjustified deductions
  •          application of inaccurate concepts
What is meant by critical thinking criticism?
One’s thinking may be criticized due to lack of application of the fundamental aspect necessary for unbiased evaluation. Since critical thinking requires one to be open-minded, analytical, curious, confident and prudent, lack of any of these characteristics pre-disposes your thinking to criticism. One will then be assumed to be close minded, and intellectually arrogant. What is meant by creative thinking is that the person deduces judgments based on carefully analyzed interpretations, supporting evidence and viewpoints devoid of personal bias.
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What is meant by critical thinking reflective judgment?
 One of the major pillars of critical thinking is reflective thinking. Reflective thinking is the integration of thoroughly researched evidence, clear judgment, relevant methods of judgment making, and relevant judgment making criteria to understand and evaluate the situation or problem at hand.  It mainly involves the use of what is creative thinking reflection and deliberate decision making skills to solve an issue. A point to note is that when seeking critical thinking of a case, success leans more on self-corrective principles rather than straight up step-by step hard procedures.
What is meant by critical thinking habits of mind?
Habits of mind contribute greatly to the ability to develop what is creative thinking skills and capability. They include;
  •          the desire to self-criticize
  •          methodical approach to crisis solving
  •          natural inquisitiveness
  •          confidence in logical analyze of issues
While the above do encourage critical thinking, lack of sufficient intellectual traits will make the thinking, though critical, very weak and unethical. The outstanding intellectual traits that contribute to strong critical what is creative thinking capabilities include;
  •          clarity of mind
  •          accuracy in analyses
  •          exactitude
  •          depth of thought
  •          ability to reason fairly
  •          autonomy of thoughts
  •          compassion
Integration of intellectual traits with the habits enables one to develop what is meant by critical thinking skills.

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