Thursday, 22 November 2012

What is The Definition of Critical Thinking?

Why is critical thinking important?
What is the definition of critical thinking? While it is quite natural for the human being to think, lots of the thought process can be prejudiced, misleading, and negligent. In understanding what is the meaning of critical thinking, we are able to give our thoughts quality. Thoughts must be developed and consistently structured and nurtured for them to become exceptional. This why it is important to determine what critical thinking is.
·         Defining Critical Thinking
So what is the definition of critical thinking? Critical thinking is the approach to thinking on any issue, subject matter or situation or even dilemma in which the thinker enhances the level of their thought process through the use of intelligence. Having a better comprehension
of the thing that is being thought on comes about through the process analyzing, evaluating and determining and also reconstituting the subject matter. In understanding what is the meaning of critical thinking, we understand that critical thinking is a process.
This process must be given direction, it must be a disciplined thought process, it must be a controlled process and it must be a process of corrective thought. Critical thinking also requires the use of productive and persuasive communication, the capability to deal with and solve problems through the thought process and the dedication to go beyond the concern for one’s own interest and welfare and the inclination to presume the predominance or correctness of one’s own social group. There are two important aspects of critical thinking that can give a clear picture of what is the definition of critical thinking as well as what is the meaning of critical thinking.
  •          Critical thinking must always be analyzed. It is important to recognize its intention, the issue at hand and also the information that is available and accessible, the deductions, the hypothesis or postulation, the ramifications, and the predominant perceptions or theories.
  •          Critical thinking must also always be assessed. It is important to verify the accuracy and certainty or intuitiveness and applicability as well as the reasonableness of any thought process.
In understanding what is the definition of critical thinking, a critical thinker who is a thought process that has been developed properly will produce the following outcome:-
  •          They will advance important questions and situations while expressing themselves with clarity.
  •          They will get the correct information while applying abstract concepts to make sense of their thought process.
  •          They will arrive at rational conclusions and solutions which they have judicially approached using valid standards.
  •          They will be open minded and will have substitute concepts and will identify and evaluate while determining when necessary their presuppositions and practical consequences.
  •          They will also communicate efficiently with others while arriving at taking into account the solutions to intricate issues.
This gives a very clear idea of what is the meaning of critical thinking.

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