Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Is The Meaning Of Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is vital in all fields of life as it equips one with the abilities to think clearly on an issue at hand, evaluate the many options available, and then come up with the most logical decision. This makes it easy to solve simple as well as complicated situations. What is the meaning of critical thinking procedure? There are four steps to effective critical thinking.
Collecting Information
The first step is to gather exhaustive information of the issues a hand. The following factors will aid in what and where to search.
  •          The parties involved in the issue
  •          The fundamental  focus of the issue at hand
  •          The time the pertinent issue occurred
  •          The location the events took place
  •          How the events took place and their effect on the parties
  •          The consequences of various options on the parties involved.

The above pointers go along way in saving time and money, and sometimes lives, like when evaluating what is critical thinking in nurses, and aiding in sourcing of the appropriate information relevant to the issue at hand. From the preliminary information collected, one is then able to refine to more specific information relevant to the case. What is critical thinking in nurses information collection involves the patient’s medical history like genetic pre-disposition, financial status etc
Refine the Information
The second section of what is the meaning of critical thinking procedure is weighing of the collected information. Exclude any erroneous data collected as well as far fetched facts. Narrow down to the more critical points like patients’ history, financial status and access to medical facilities when considering what is critical thinking in nurses. Refining to the more relevant facts, aids in clearing up the view of the problem by eliminating all unsubstantiated elements from the research.
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Rational Conclusions
The third step in what is the meaning of critical thinking is drawing rational conclusions from the refined information. A crucial move towards such a result is elimination of fallacious information. This helps to preserve the validity of the apparent conclusion. Once you are sure that the conclusion is devoid of any statements that would threaten its validity and effectiveness, and then evaluation can be done.
Conclusion Evaluation
The last step in what is the meaning of critical thinking is evaluation of the conclusion. This remains the most challenging step of the four. This is because it employs the very base that critical thinking is based on; exclusion of personal bias when making a decision. It is quite hard to make an unbiased, thorough, and logical bias of personal work particularly in some professions, like what is critical thinking in nurses. However, extensive and fair analysis of the made claims and ensuring the statements made serve the initial purpose of concisely addressing the matter at hand.

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