Thursday, 22 November 2012

What Is Critical Thinking In Nursing?

Nurses are often faced with challenges that require urgent analyses of options available to make a decision. With time constraints, and often lives at stake, the ability to think critically is fundamental in this profession. Nurses that are able to think critically are also able to easily and quickly develop patient care skills while also developing diagnostic proficiency. There are critical skills courses available. They are often integrated into the main what is meant by critical thinking nursing course or taught as a prerogative by the institution to improve efficiency. The following is brief outline of how critical thinking is taught to the nurses.
  •          Gauging the Nurses

What is critical thinking in nursing students are first asked by the instructor to compare the taken readings. This is followed by a brief but exhaustive discussion on the perceived patient outcomes. This is usually in reference to a student with the same illness. This allows the instructor to gauge the different levels of thinking every student possesses. This helps them map out the road map for the training and a different method of explaining what is meant by critical thinking.
  •          Case Studies
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The second step is to evaluate the effectiveness of what is critical thinking in nursing cases at hand as tests for critical thinking. The tutor researches online for cases similar to the actual case. After acquisition of the actual cases, the next step is to encourage the students to compare the present cases, be they experiments, lab reports, diagnosis with the medical resources unearthed. This tactic encourages the student to explore circumstances, data and existing patient care procedures for different aspects in research and patient care. The aspects to emphasis when teaching what is meant by critical thinking include patient’s access to healthcare, financial status and health history. With this information, the instructor should then easily develop what is meant by critical thinking exercises and relevant case studies to reveal existing diversity on the patients’ state of health, available finances and access to available health care institutions.
  •          What Is Critical Thinking In Nursing Role Playing?

Role playing exercises come in handy when teaching what is meant by critical thinking to nurses. The students are asked to alternate between roles of the nurse and student. The instructor then assigns conditions to the student playing the role of patient then prompts the nurse to evaluate. Emphasis is placed in the use of skills in communication and expression to highlight all aspects of the patient’s information including history. This information is used to deduce the condition of the patient, the apparent needs and recuperation progress. After the exercise, the instructor should be able to discuss the differences between the performances of the pair, followed by thorough advice on how to improve what is critical thinking in nursing skills.